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Kenya Tour Feb2023

Tap into the life of the Maasai on a cultural tour to Kenya, Africa. During your trip on February 14-21, 2023 you will reside in Amboseli National Park at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro to discover the Maasai way of life. You will get a rare opportunity to live alongside the Maasai, one of the oldest living indigenous communities in East Africa to learn about their cultural heritage and participate in hands-on activities presented by Maasai cultural leaders. This unique experience in Maasailand is the only opportunity to uplift Maasai communities, enjoy a wildlife safari, and safeguard Maasai heritage.

Traveling with MCV you will make an impact and create meaningful connections with the Maasai people. MCV didn’t start as a travel company, we started as a nonprofit organization with the mission to improve the lives of the Maasai so they can sustain their ancient heritage. Your travels to Kenya allow MCV to implement humanitarian programs and create jobs to uplift Maasai communities through sustainable tourism. MCV has worked hand-in-hand with Maasai communities in Kenya for 14+ years, the cultural leaders have invited us into their homes and lives, and now we’re honored to call them family and invite you to join us to Kenya, to learn from the Maasai, and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience!